Becoming a caregiver in Japan!

Currently Japan has been facing serious labor shortages due to the nation's aging population and falling birthrate. Nursing is identified as one of the most suffering sectors because of the lack of caregivers while the number of elderly people who need supports are increasing with the estimation that the nation will have a shortage of about 330,000 caregivers in fiscal 2025. The Japanese government has worked on developing foreign caregivers by introducing new visa system and supporting international students who study nursing care in japan. Now the door is widely open to the people who dream about studying and working in Japan.

Expected personality and ability for eldercare

  • the person who wishes to work for elderly people and people who need supports in a daily basis
  • >the person with an academic background of high school education or higher
  • the person who has N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or has N3 level willing to study nursing care
  • the person who is physically and mentally healthy with caring personality
  • the person who is able to work as a caregiver in Japan after graduating the educational institution
Scholarship program
What're "caregivers"?
Nursing care in Japan